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The goal is to reduce emissions by 50% by 2050

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More than 20 banks have signed up to the Poseidon Principles, a global framework for responsible ship finance, to support halving carbon emissions by 2050 as set forth in the Paris Agreement and by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

What Ship Review offers

Ship Review measures the evolving sustainability of the sea freight sector as ship owners and operators face growing pressure to meet tougher environmental regulations and 2050 climate goals.

The main components of Ship Review are:

Ship Environmental Review: Measures air borne emissions, sea emissions, emissions through garbage disposal and emissions impact to people onboard and ashore

Ship Sustainability Review: Measures the adoption of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals of a specific ship

Ship Reliability Review: Measures technical and crew related deficiencies and detentions and therefore availability of a vessel

Ship Condition Review (coming soon): Measures the condition of a ship i.e. maintenance status of technical components, quality standard of refurbishment, extend of work during drydocking

Portfolio assessment functionality: dedicated dashboards for ship owners/managers, port authorities, logistic companies, financing companies, etc.

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Who benefits from Ship Review?

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Ship owners and ship managers

Meet customers’ and partners’ requirements by implementing reliable, safe, green and sustainable shipping.

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Banks and investors

Meet regulatory requirements from market authorities and initiatives such as the Poseidon Principles.

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Port authorities and flag states

Identify green shipping operators to ensure cleaner harbours and cities.

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Shipper and logistic companies

Meet consumer needs by identifying environmentally friendly sea transport providers.