Second Party Opinion

Second Party Opinion

Independent view on sustainable debt

Obtain a full impact assessment and market standard alignment check of your sustainability framework.

Second Party Opinion

Transparent assessment of your sustainability contribution

Second Party Opinion acts as a first barrier against greenwashing by allowing you to differentiate the nuances in the sustainability of your projects. Through our expertise, we ensure your sustainability framework adheres with international recognized guidelines such as the ICMA principles. In addition, we also provide a proof check of EU taxonomy alignment for economic activities as defined in your framework.The final complementary element of our analysis comprises a value chain-based footprint assessment of your projects linked to relevant UN SDG goals.

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Shield your portfolio from greenwashing | Scope One


Components of our leaf score

Four pillars of ICMA principles | Scope One

Assessment of issuers' sustainability strategy

Assessment of issuance & issuer | Scope One

Alignment of sector to relevant market standards

Optional add-ons | Scope One

EU taxonomy alignment

Technical screening criteria

DNSH criteria

Minimum social safeguards

Value upstream icon | Scope One

Value chain impact assessment

Upstream and downstream

ESG risks icon | Scope One

ESG risks on social and environmental externalities

Get an expert opinion on your sustainability framework

What you can expect from our Second Party Opinions (SPOs)

A full impact assessment on your sustainability framework, including issuer and debt issuance analysis

Alignment of your sustainability debt with relevant SDGs and EU Taxonomy

Our impact methodology and ESG risk analysis approach provide a clear picture of your debt issuance.

Expert opinion on your sustainability strategy | Scope One


Track Reports

Our track of SPOs cover the following ICMA project categories

Project category SPO Example Sector
Renewable energy Apryl Energy Group
Electron Holding
Renewable energy
Energy efficiency Sundell
GREP Green Public Lighting Zrt.
Real Estate
Pollution prevention and control
Environmentally sustainable management of living natural resources and land use
Terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity
Clean transportation Debt Marketplace SARL Transportation
Sustainable water and wastewater management Univer Product Zrt Agriculture and food
Climate change adaptation
Circular economy adapted products, production technologies and processes
Green buildings LP Portfolio
Crown Holding Kft.
Real Estate
Real Estate