ESG Analysis

From regulatory requirements to impact measurement, Scope provides the right tools for investors and issuers to improve their sustainability.

What we do

ESG Analysis

Scope, through its role as a rating agency, addresses investors and issuers. Its ESG strategy focuses on three areas: integration of ESG into risk, impact and performance considerations. Our range of solutions is based on a strong analytical foundation, a data driven approach and a particular focus on the measurement and materiality of ESG criteria. Our ESG solutions are tailored to the diverse needs of financial players, from capital market desks to risk teams and asset managers.

ESG Analysis | Scope One

ESG product lines

Scope analyses the carbon footprint of individual companies or portfolios of companies.

ESG Rating | Scope One

ESG Impact Rating

Our analysts specialise on measuring a company’s long-term environmental, social and governance impact as well as risks for all industries. Our analysis identifies industry leaders and allows for benchmarking against peers.

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ESG Impact Review | Scope One

ESG Impact Review

We provide ca. 35,000 global companies scores on the corporate sustainability. By applying a robust methodology we consider the entire upstream supply chain process for environmental, social and governance impacts.

Ship Review | Scope One

Ship Review

We offer a primary industry solution to evaluate sustainable and reliable maritime logistics for all stakeholders in the entire shipping industry to transparently review long-term progress of their actions.

2nd Party Opinion | Scope One

2nd Party Opinion

Ambitious climate goals are causing regulatory pressure and enforce positive change upon the corporate supply chain. ScopeOne’s ESG analysis lets you review and apply scores and follow companies of interest to monitor change.

ESG sentiment review | Scope One

ESG Sentiment Review

Cover your blind spots with daily notifications by systematically monitoring all news, tweets and blogs for over 50,000 companies for ESG-related risks.

climate stress test | Scope One

Climate Stress Test

We show the impacts of climate change to companies based on their country and industry through the NGFS climate scenarios.

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Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis

ScopeOne provides access to Credit Ratings, Credit Research and Credit Review. Our combination of analyst insights and expertise, industry relationships and partner data enable financial stakeholders to make the right investment decisions.

Fund Analysis

Fund Analysis

ScopeExplorer, accessible via ScopeOne, provides you with insights on funds and asset management capabilities. It connects asset managers, intermediaries and investors working with funds and grants them access to Scope’s preoperatory database, ratings and qualitative assessments.