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Macroeconomic Climate Stress Test

An innovative tool to quantify the financial impact of climate risk

Managing risks from climate change

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Policymakers require market participants to use climate stress tests to manage exposure to climate-change risks


Risk management

Climate stress test will lead to a risk-averse portfolio strategy and ESG engagement

Portfolio Startegy

Portfolio strategy

Scope’s Climate Stress Test: helping investors and lenders build climate risk-averse portfolios


A top-down approach to climate risk

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Assessing the historical impact of temperature change and extreme weather events on economic growth

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Analysing future climate-related risk comparably across sectors and countries

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Projecting annual revenue losses across 2,745 country/sector combinations


Focus on chronic physical and transition risks

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ESG Impact Review

ESG Impact Review

Demand for illiquid assets is on the rise, due to low interest rates, long investment periods and positive ROIs, as well as diversification effects.


Second Party Opinion

Ambitious climate goals are causing regulatory pressure and enforce positive change upon the corporate supply chain. ScopeOne ESG analysis lets you review and apply scores and follow companies of interest to monitor change.