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Alternative Investment Explorer

Alternative investments have risen in popularity in recent years by allowing investors to gain exposure to uncorrelated and diversified assets. Scope’s Alternative Investment Explorer offers you a comprehensive and unique overview of these assets, from private equity, real estate and infrastructure to private-debt investments.

Make qualified investment decisions

Find qualitative assessments for all displayed investment opportunities.

Get direct access to asset managers on demand and access private and confidential documents such as NDAs, allowing for deeper analysis and investment decision-making.

Get direct access to Scope´s analysts on demand who will help you by conducting due diligence on your investments.

Alternative Investment Explorer
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Consistent scoring is available for all illiquid asset classes.

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Take comfort from an easy-to-use, multi-function platform.

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Download research materials (public vs confidential documents).

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Network with analysts and asset managers.


Our Alternative Investment product offering

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Private Equity

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Real estate

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Private debt

We are pioneers in Alternative Investments with more than 20 years of experience.

Scope Alternative Investment Explorer lets you navigate the complexities of alternative investing in a simple and transparent way. We rank investment funds in the segment and provide detailed information on their performance.


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