ESG Impact Rating

ESG Impact Rating

We value the future

The future of companies is determined by the impact they generate today and tomorrow. Scope is the first agency offering a unique ESG Impact Rating.

Get ready for the future today

Our holistic methodology targets all stakeholders, including investors, employees and business partners. We show how you can improve your value to society and identify positive contributions through your business activities.

ES impact rating

Our ESG Impact philosophy

We enable reporting down to Scope 3 level, identifying indirect impacts across environmental, social and governance dimensions.

We are fully transparent by disclosing its methodology, including metrics, indicators, sub-scores, and weights.

Our methodology focuses on forward-looking assessment of management strategies to preserve a sustainable business model.

ESG impact rating

Key impact dimensions

- aligned with Sustainability Development Goals


Climate change

Water consumption

Air & water pollution

Biodiversity & land use

Waste management & circular economy


Child labour


Gender inequality


Health & safety





3 individual assessments - 3 results

industry | Scope One

Industry assessment

Indicative starting point of the assessment

office | Scope One

Company assessment

Analysis of company impact versus industry average

analyst | Scope One

Management assessment

Analysis of future transformation strategy relative to peers

ESG Impact transformation grid

Detailed impact management classification available.

Standard setter: strong transformation management by industry leader

Transformation leader: strong transformation management by industry laggard

Transformation laggard: weak transformation management by industry leader

Latecomer: weak transformation management by industry laggard

ESG impact rating

Distribution of the analytical results

As soon as the issuer wishes to have the analytical results published, the dissemination can be carried out through four different channels.

ESG impact review

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ESG impact review

ESG Impact Review

We provide ca. 35,000 global companies scores on the corporate sustainability. By applying a robust methodology we consider the entire upstream supply chain process for environmental, social and governance impacts.


2nd party opinion

Ambitious climate goals are causing regulatory pressure and enforce positive change upon the corporate supply chain. ScopeOne�s ESG analysis lets you review and apply scores and follow companies of interest to monitor change.